Forum Announcement: Official Middleman Service
Looking for a middleman to help you with your transaction? This is the onestop place to solve your problem.
I offer middleman services for any and all transactions using cryptocurrencies related or unrelated to this forum.
Please read bolded or colored text as it contains important information. Click on the spoilers below to read.

Why Omnipotent?Spoiler
> Service provided by the owner of this website, trusted & nobody else will have access to your trade information.
> Trusted service and consistent exemplary service as its only operated by me.
> Possibility to make a trade even when the middleman is offline.
> Open communication with both parties live on private or group chat.
> Encrypted and Secure methods of contact.
> Files are transferred directly via our servers (if requested) and deleted after the trade, no chance of file landing into the wrong hands.

MiddleMan MethodSpoiler
Let's assume the seller is selling a file for BTC.
1. The seller and buyer both complete their parts by sending me the item and the cryptocurrency or whatever you're trading.
2. After I receive the item and the crypto I will converse with both parties in a group chat about verification of the files and funds.
3. For files I will verify contents of said files and make sure you are getting what you pay for, answering any questions the buyer might have about the file.
4. After the file is verified by me I will await confirmation from the blockchain of whichever crypto you use.
5. After verifying the funds and checking with the partner if enough funds have been transferred I will release the amount to the partner -fees.
6. Both parties will now receive their items or funds and the trade is over, with 1 smooth flowing conversation and transaction.
*Open to other methods, but this is the safest for both parties. If you both agree on another method I am fine with whatever.*

Another popular method is the same as above but instead of passing the data through me you can pass the data to eachother directly and only if there is a problem the buyer will forward me the data to verify the problem.

Fees & Payment MethodsSpoiler
Monetary methods allowed: Any cryptocurrency the Seller and Buyer both accept.

The fees are simple and easy to understand.
100 USD to 500 USD = 5% of transaction amount.
500 USD to 1k USD = 4% of transaction amount.
Anything over 1,000 USD is 3% of the transacted amount.

If you're a GOD upgraded member of this forum your rate is 2.5% instead of 3%.

Contact MethodsSpoiler
Please click on the links to the profiles below instead of just adding a scammer, they are difficult to notice sometimes.
Telegram: @terminal
Email: [email protected]
RF: Private Message
If you do not get a reply from these contact methods, please message me on RF first to make me aware..

Autonomous Trading MethodSpoiler
In many cases you can start a trade without me being online, since my BTC address is listed above and will not change you can easily track payments to it via the blockchain.

1. Make a group chat on Telegram with the person whom you have a deal with and me.
2. List out the deal terms such as expected row counts, columns, dates, data formats, data origins, acceptable duplicate counts and anything else you might find relevant.
3. Both parties must clearly agree to the terms listed in the group chat.
4. Now the buyer may send the agreed upon cryptocurrency amount + middleman's fee to this BTC address, please leave TXID in group chat.
5. The seller can publicly view the wallet and confirm that the payment was sent to the address, deciding when to release the data based on how many confirmations it has.
6. Now the seller can either send the data to the middleman, to the group chat or directly to the buyer.
7. Once the data is verified by the buyer or middleman, the funds will be released to the seller's address.

This lessens the problems with time zone differences and delays, plus it makes my work easier as all I have to do is transfer the funds to the seller's wallet.

Keyword TableSpoiler
Telegram = Telegram Messenger
TXID = Transaction ID
BTC = Bitcoin
MM = MiddleMan
RF = RaidForums
GOD Member = Upgrades