777k minecraft names information (no pwd)
by peet - February 24, 2021 at 05:49 PM
Today I have a list of 777k Minecraft accounts for you. All of these are somewhat active hypixel players, lots of ranks. The Minecraft auth system will change soon, so crack them while its easy! There are quite a number of  Minecraft cracking tools, just search it up on GitHub.

The file is in the JSON format, each entry looks like this:
{'name': 'rhyshovenbitzer', 'uuid': '75ec6cbf4693486cb9eb8b0c7b3e1d8a', 'karma': 4935, 'xp': 644813, 'skyblockCount': 0, 'playsSkyblock': False}
Karma and XP is the hypixel karma and xp, more = account is more likely to have a rank. You can ignore skyblockcount and playsskyblock for the most part, it just indicates if an account is active in the sky block mini-game.

I hope you enjoy this! If you do, I would really appreciate a positive rep.

download (Gofile, 110mb) Hidden Content
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Bruh how is this useful...?
(February 24, 2021 at 06:24 PM)Amarok Wrote: Bruh how is this useful...?

idk, scraped it a while back. You can crack MC accounts with it, just really inefficient.

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