A Few Changes
by moot - February 20, 2020 at 05:38 AM
Hello RaidForums Community:

It has been awhile since our last proper update and for that I sincerely apologize.
Here are a few of the changes that have been made over the past few days (with many more to come):
  • Replaced Upgraded Users Tags With Simple Icons
  • Added a Cracking Section.
  • Added The Leak(s) Market - A place for Databases to be seamlessly sold and bought.
  • Thread Prefixes are now being utilized more around the forum for easier navigation.
  • A group has been added to alert users of potential scammers, this group adds plenty of visual indicators to users profiles' to better protect users from dealing with users with active scam reports.
  • We now have a section dedicated to HTB or Hack The Box for the Trading, Selling, and or Buying of Flags (though if you’re feeling generous you may also post these flags strictly for credits)
  • Your new posts/threads will now be auto saved to drafts every 10 seconds, this will be saved on your browser's localstorage. You do not need to do anything for the draft to show up, it will automatically come up when you enter the specific post.
  • Username styles will now show up on forum displays and search results.

We take your suggestions very seriously and will continue to add/change what the users suggest, so we encourage you to post whatever suggestions you have to improve the site here.

RaidForums Team
Hopefully the leaks market will attract some goodies. Tongue
The simple icons are going to take a minute to get used to.
10/10. About time sonny jim.
Dude that's crazy but uhhhhh i don't remember asking...
Hasn't showered in 3 days now.
RF #1
All praise RaidForums Official Moot!
(February 20, 2020 at 05:50 AM)Zax Wrote: All praise RaidForums Official Moot!

Wait; we changed something??
(February 20, 2020 at 07:34 AM)Unspoken Wrote: Wait; we changed something??

I wish
Really nice updates. Keep them coming in.
I only upgraded to get into the RaidForums discord

You should too

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