AccuWeather caught sending user location data
by JrHin47PRqujue4i2 - August 24, 2017 at 03:47 AM
Popular weather app AccuWeather has been caught sending geolocation data to a third-party data monetization firm, even when the user has switched off location sharing.
Everyone wants to make money
It was just a matter of when that would happen. Everyone is eager to have money, so this things will be even more in the future
Pretty reprehensible. Accuweather has always seemed like an app my grandparents would use, so I've been distrustful of it without having a great reason. Now I have a reason...
I've never used AccuWeather and never will after this. I use The Weather Network.
I'm afraid there's no such an app which does not spy on you :(
can someone explain to me how they did it?
money hungry everyone is nowdays money hungry
gee, an application that needs your location was caught sending your location to third parties... why am i not surprised.

it doesn't matter anyway, if you use a smartphone, there's always someone tracking you. like your carrier.
sneaky fucks. everyone is selling our data
Nothing will change, ppl. just dont care enough as long as the app doesnt leaks nude pics...
What is the weather in Kathmandu Biggrin Biggrin

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