Advice for dealing with treacherous business partner?
by witty1 - November 19, 2015 at 07:40 PM
Hey all. Newb here, so bear with me.
So my friend owns a company. He promoted one of his friends to business partner, pays his salary, and has always vouched for him even though everyone always told him he wouldn't be any good. After treating him so well for so long, he recently finds out that his partner has been trying to undermine his relationship with his girlfriend by telling her she could do better, telling her things about my friend and his former exes, etc. I know there is a place whether on the clearnet or not that I could post this mans name and phone number to make his online existence a little uncomfortable, but as I am new to actually communicating on these boards, I do not know the proper way, if any, of doing so. Any ideas?

Thanks for any input

Do it here. Many people are willing to do all the dirty work for fun.
Post it on Pastebin and have a good detailed list of address and accounts or anything else you could pull up, and if you plan to post it here, go to "raiding" then the Dox area. there are a few good tutorials around the forums for a "How-to" on doxing by other members.
I'd be more than willing to call in a pizza bomb to his house with some creepy notes written on the boxes.
Also strippers. Lots of strippers.
Post it here b. We can fuck him up for you. Smile
As understanding we are, we like to help people settle the score,
but who is willing to put in time?

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