Akamai Waf Bypass (Question)
by Adient - August 26, 2019 at 08:56 PM
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First of all, I'm encountering a few places about Akamai Waf Bypass in SQLMap.

I found a site that uses the Https protocol to find SQL Injection Aperture and can find this information and when they scan from the tool named SQLMap, I see that it uses Akamai Waf.

Then I couldn't pull the information on the preparation of the transactions and I was upset with the error 408 (Request Timeout) and 403 (Forbidden). How do you think I can solve this problem?

1- Can I pass Akamai WAF Bypass operations with SQLMap?

2- Could it be related to https protocol?

The SQLMAP commands I use are: sqlmap -r request --risk = 3

[Image: 7BBzMl.png]

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