Annie's Sad quotes
by AnnieHastur - September 28, 2015 at 11:38 PM
"Life is like a tunnel. Once you go in, it can be dark and depressing without any directions where to go. At times you feel yourself losing hope, other times, you get the energy to find the light to the exit. You know the light is there, and you must just find it. It is the only way to escape the cave. Unfortunately for me, my cave has caved in a long time ago.....stuck inside the darkness; unable to find the light." 

"The mind can be like a prison, and we have a life sentence. Trapped within its walls without any means of escape. Feeling yourself changing within for the worse. Once you feel yourself at the lowest peaks of insanity, you realize your two options of escape- end it now and allow your soul to finally be free from the mind, or endure the insanity and hardships of the prison, each day getting worse and worse, until you choose the first option."

"Sometimes we start wondering why we live. Life seems to be filled with misery at every turn. Always pushing us down into the deep dark abyss. However, we feel some happiness, but only as an excuse to make us rise up to be pushed down again. Maybe it's better to just stay down. That way you won't have to deal with the pain as much."

-AnnieHastur, (RF member)
Life is like a box of chocolates...It is expensive. It rots your teeth. And gives you diabetes. ~Dash 2k15 RF
"I get Money, I fuck hoes. I wear really nice clothes. I get alot of bitches who love to suck my dick. I made alot of money. Im real motherfucking rich" -DrCocktor 2015

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