Audi or BMW?
by huntbart - March 14, 2021 at 12:26 AM
I would prefer the audi because the engineering is more advanced and the advertisement, much cool
Bmw is good but audi 2. Im not sure how the future for either looks
Both, I don' care, as long as it can drive. Though, I'd probably pick Audi over BMW, because here, everyone that owns BMW is absolute moron and those that own Audi are usually fags. Not that I'd be fag, but I rather have Audi, because the police only check BMWs lol.
Audi is a lot better than those
Audi for me I think they are generally less bad for maintenance and have a bit higher reliability, but I'm just an Audi fan
Biggrin BMW for sure

people from automotive industry will always say, if you first car is audi, you are going to stick with audi, if its bmw its gonna be bmw
Depends. Audi if you want to be harassed by the public every day. BMW if you wanted be be harassed fifteen years ago.
Just the coolest one, look at the better looking
Audi, 100%. People who say BMW have never driven an Audi
Bmw on top fk audi !!!! i am poor
audi a6 matte black is the car that would make me nut
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