Buyer/Seller Rep system
by FBF - April 28, 2020 at 01:28 AM
Poll: This will take a lot of work. Is this a good idea?
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Yes - I want to see Buyer/Seller Reps
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A lot of work, but worth thinking about - if you haven't already.
A separate rep system - Buyer/Seller Rep points - for MM sales only - and maybe only upgraded members can be given the rep.
Useful for Buyers and Sellers, and driving site business, MM and Upgrades

Could be anon - I have noticed a few of my buyers don't want to be noticed - one even asked me to remove a +Rep. You could code it so on a MM close, a rep may be given after 1 week, once - but not display the buyer username repping a seller.
Some may well be alteregos of busy site users. Maybe even most.

To have less mod headaches, ban any mention of what was sold.

Viewing this rep table would show Points (0-10) and $ size for each repping and average rep for all.
It's in every forum but here. It's a joke that it isn't.
My self-esteem is fine, for one. I do not 'like' comparing RF to other sites, it is just suitable at times. When talking about a marketplace feature, of course I am going to determine what makes a successful marketplace forum like eBay. What you suggest is nonsensical. Comparison. Is. Necessary. (At times).
(April 28, 2020 at 04:52 AM)moot Wrote:
Quote: My self-esteem is fine

Biggrin Sure

Anyway, your opinion is not valued, especially when it adds nothing to the conversation, besides condescending remarks about stupid shit. Relax, no need to overwork your brain to come up with a response, I cannot begin to fathom what made you think replying to a suggestion with an abrasive display of your ability to rationally think (or lack there of) would get you anywhere.

RF hasn’t had this feature since inception or thereafter because it was never really necessary, even people with high reputation on other sites end up scamming. You shouldn’t let a number define how trustworthy someone is.

But like I said it’s been in the talks for awhile now:


[Image: ksumoc.png]

[Image: rmtdsh.png]

Adding a shit ton of features without properly testing them, is exactly why the sites you worship get breached on a regular schedule.  Angel Be patient.

Thought that it could possibly lead to a discussion with OP, in fact, pretty much anyone except you. Maybe also increase my post/credit count - not sure if this section supports that.
This can and will be done, all to do is wait and we will get a good system out.

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