by Clorox - February 12, 2020 at 10:14 AM
Quote:Have you fulfilled the listed requirements?

Quote:Who are you, what do you do, and how did you find our site?
I am a database collector. My daytime job is a PI. I found raidforums through google a while ago.

Quote:Do you have previous moderating experience?
Yes, i was a moderator on smaller forums back in the day. Nothing recent.

Quote:What's the biggest thing you've learned since being on Raid Forums?
I've learned what to look out for in people. How to spot scammers, how to spot LE, and more.

Quote:Why would you like to be a staff member on Raid Forums?
In my personal opinion, the leaks section needs moderation, and desperately. There's way too much spam and threads put in the wrong sections. As a frequent and heavy user of that section, i feel like an additional moderator who spends a few hours on that page each day (such as myself) is desperately needed.

Quote:What would you gain from being a staff member?
I would be able to use the database leaks section properly. Restore it to it's previous state of usability and glory, and benefit of actually obtaining new and fresh data, rather than having run-ins with would be scammers.

Quote:What would the community gain from you being staff member?
I want to make it very clear, I will most likely not moderate other sections of the forum. I will explicitly be on the database section, that being said - I will make sure that whilst i am online and moderating, that there will be a significant decrease in duplicate threads, scammers, sales threads outside of sales section, database requests out side of requests section, dead links, and spam threads.

Quote:What's your favorite section on the site?
The database leaks section.

Quote:If you could pick a section to moderate, which would it be?
Database leaks section.

Also, another side node - I've contributed greatly to this forum, and will continue to contribute. I will like to contribute to something good, and not a free-for-all indian/scammer rampant section.

For those of you who say I'm not active enough - please keep in mind i am very active. Just majority of the time I'm not signed in. This will change if I'm mod, as moderating requires to be signed in, whilst browsing and talking to people on XMPP does not. Also, i recently nuked all my threads and posts.

I don't know you very well but you are active in the DB section and like the others have said i think you would make a good DB moderator.
At first glance it does seem you would be a great addition but you don't really have that much online time on the site considering that you are trying to apply for moderator status.
(February 21, 2020 at 02:20 PM)Omnipotent Wrote: At first glance it does seem you would be a great addition but you don't really have that much online time on the site considering that you are trying to apply for moderator status.

Possibly because he’s in the Gym 24/7 getting gains.

Not very active
Sounds like you'll be a good section mod for db but, you'll also need to watch out for other parts of the website as well. 

I'm iffy with my vote. Neutral 
+Support- (Neutral)

I’d have to think about what I want to change it to, honestly not sure.
- Support
You're not active. (Last Visit: March 07, 2020 at 03:22 AM)
Denied. You do not have enough support.

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