CSV Czech girl escort db - 40k records
by ragnarviking - March 30, 2021 at 11:08 AM
Thanks, really appreciate your work
Thank you for your upload. Have a nice day!
Damn it, she's so awesome! I've seen Czech girls - they're really amazing.
I love using an escort, it's fun and great for relaxing after work. I use one good escort service in London all the time, but I'd like to try spending time with a Czech girl. However, I do not have any friends or friends who are from the Czech Republic or at least know Czechs.
Who from here, like me, regularly uses an escort? How do you feel about it? It seems to me that now all this is already very adequate and well thought out. So there is no sense or adequate argument to condemn escorts in our time.
Thank you dude for uploading
As a native speaker, I can confirm that this DB is not what it looks like. The attributes cs_CZ are not really interesting, they seem to be either scraped off a website or just text from a book. Randomly added sex attributes, most names seem to be randomly scraped from the web.

Found a tax office worker, a doctor, shit like that.

UPDATE: After looking through the DB, filtering through e-mails, phone numbers and names, there is a very high amount of the following situations:

- Phone number is not connected to the female name in the DB
- Name corresponds to some public website name (google the name, it will be on there in some OTHER capacity as an employee)
- E-mail is not connected in any way to the name (i.e. "Jane Smith" will correspond to something like "[email protected]")

All in all, this DB is a waste of money, unless you want to correlate everything with other DBs in your possession. This DB is NOT a list of escorts, at best it is a google scrape with some juicy stuff added.
OMG! Wow, thanks for sharing!
Amazing! Thanks for sharing! I'm glad to see such forums where people are not ashamed to talk about escorts. I personally don't see anything wrong with that. I am a single woman, and I know what escort means. I'm glad that I can sometimes relax with some escort men. I found on escorts2.com that in the USA, you can find a male escort. Is gorgeous. I met a man and traveled to many countries around the world. And I'm not just saying that to use you as a man. Absolutely not. It is great to have a male side with whom you can talk, travel, and do many other things when you are single.

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