Cats or dogs?
by Tuenya - April 27, 2021 at 08:09 PM
i like cats more, they are more cute.
also cat girls. they are great.
MAN I love dogs but they r harder to maintain, so its cats for me. if i had time id prolly be a dog person lol
Definatly Dogs - Dogs love you regardless and are always happy to see you,

You dont own a Cat it decides to stay in your house for as long as it sees advantage in the situation
i like the independence and sass of a the small toe beans Heart

but the types of cats that dont like any kind of human contact and give 24/7 stink eye can do one

oh....and sausage dogs are amazing!
I think an active/semi-active cat is best, my own opinion of course.
i was attacked by a cat yesterday. because of this, dogs ftw
Well... Frankly speaking, if I have to choose between cats and dogs, then I will definitely choose dogs, since these pets make more sense. They protect me, and I buy them all sorts of goodies and accessories from Dog Friendly Co. I think it's a fair exchange for such dedicated work! Don't you think so?
Cats do not serve any useful purpose

cats serve no real purpose. they do nothing and dont like people too
Dogs but only if trained/behave well else they are both meh

they are fluffy i ilfke fluffy
Dogs for sure. Cat’s are EVIL
Dogs. They are cute and friendly.

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