Cats or dogs?
by Tuenya - April 27, 2021 at 08:09 PM
dogs fs, they actually have feelings and emotions rather than boring cats
Dogs 100% They're always so energetic. Plus they offer a nice bit of protection if you get one of the larger breeds. I have a Great Dane myself.
Both are great imo but at the end of the day I prefer cats - they require less care, will not be in your face all the time and do not smell bad
I like cats and dogs the same!
I like cats, because my religion makes dogs unclean
Dogs, because cats are pretty boring
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Love both cats and dogs, but I think people get the wrong idea about cats. Sure some cats are mean, but cats can be as loyal and loving as dogs. It's just that you will hardly ever find a disloyal or non-loving dog-- you might with a cat. But you might find a great cat too. Cats are really special creatures.
cat ppl, i cant stand dog barking
Cats or dogs? Can I pick snakes over both? <.<
Cats are better. They take care of themselves. You don't have to walk them. And no barking.
Dogs, loyal and do not seem sus all the time.

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