Covid in 2022?
by uwuu22 - September 13, 2021 at 03:29 PM
Do you think covid will still play a major role in our lives in 2022?
I hope it won't, I'd like to go outside without a worry again, but I don't have my hopes up
What do you think?
I think covid will still be around in 2022.
Well I thought that about 2021, so I don't know anymore haha but eventually they can't hold us down like this. And it depends where you live I guess.
the pandemic it long last 5 years before to eradicate.
A virus doesn't care what year it is.

Sure it's gonna be around.
We have heard the same thing for 2021 but alas its still here.
lets hope for the best outcome
It is going to become the new flu, we should get used to living with it.
It'll definitely still be in our lives for a long time, if not forever. Hopefully we can find some kind of new normal though, one that mostly resembles how we used to be.
most people act like its gone already...

but yeh for old and sick people its going to be a problem for a while :/
It's just the new flu, might fuck you up a bit more tho. Ah well
Unfortunately I think it will as long as people refuse to get vaccinated. Politics need to be removed from this conversation so that we can move on.

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