Cracking Your First Account Using Sentry.MBA
by pacino - February 19, 2020 at 09:39 PM
Noice, thank you, I hope it works
Will try it Thank you prob will useful.
Looking to put into action... Many Thanks!!
thanks for sharing this man
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thanks. Sentry MBA looks cool!

thanks. Sentry MBA looks cool!
Thank you, I am writing because I want credits.
Sentry MBA would still actually be really good without that SSL handshake error with every site that has SSL cert now. :(
(August 02, 2021 at 02:40 AM)randomjunkie Wrote: Sentry MBA would still actually be really good without that SSL handshake error with every site that has SSL cert now. :(

Sir these are instructions for noobs.

Might I add that I made this like a year ago.
(February 19, 2020 at 09:39 PM)pacino Wrote: How to Crack Accounts Using Sentry.MBA

 - Sentry.MBA [Sentry.MBA Download]

 - Configs [Raidforums Config Forum]

 - Combolists [Raidforums Combolist Forum]

 - Proxies (may not be required depending on config) [Raidforums Proxy Forum]

Steps to Your First Hit

1. In the general tab, press "Load Settings from Snapshot". Then uplaod the .ini file (config) you downloaded.

2. In the lists tab, navigate to 'proxylist' and upload your proxies by pressing the folder with the arrow icon at the right hand side of the table, usually .txt. Note you have to use the compatible proxies for your config. The config poster will add this to the thread. Options such as SOCKS, HTTP/S.

3. In the 'wordlist' page, press the upload icon (same as in proxies) next to the teal text-area titled 'Wordlist'. Upload your combolist here.

4. Press ⚡Start.

5. On the bots slider, change how many bots are used for cracking. This is determined by 1. How good  your PC and internet is 2. How many bots the config can handle - also information found on the config thread.

Be patient, it can take up to 20 minutes before you get a hit. Also keep in mind multi-factor authentication is used a lot these days.

// I'll upload screenshots when I get a computer, but for the time being I can't.

Thanks for the share mate !!

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