Developer Log
by Omnipotent - March 22, 2015 at 03:39 PM
RaidForums Finally has been 24 Hours Up! And Already with an massive count of members which I am impressed by, here are the latest updates:

-Changed Changed rank badges
-Changed Online Icon
-Changed Offline Icon
-Changed Remove Buddy Icon
-Changed Away Icon

-Changed Buddies Icon

-Changed Stars Icon (Now Animated)

-Added 2 Ranks:
Advanced Member *Gets 2 Stars* *New User Title* (-Still need badge) (25 Posts)
Elite Member *Gets 3 Stars* *New User Title* (-Still need badge) (50 Posts)
-Now you can not register with usernames such as Owner, Moderator e.t.c

-Fixed Little bugs in attachments.

-Now you need 5 posts before you can have a signature.

Happy Raiding,
---Added 3 More Ranks:
--Nigger 100 Posts
--King Nigger 200 Posts
--TryHard 500 Posts

---Changed Forum Theme
--Changed ShoutBox
--Fixed all bugs with ShoutBox

Pretty sexy now, Enjoy the new Forum.
Bought, Installed and Verified Our SSL / HTTPS Certificate!
Please update your forum signatures to SSL / HTTPS Only Smile
All your data is now encrypted by TLS 1.2
Keep tuned for more updates.
+Added 404 Page...
+Added Some Domain Redirects:
++ Deleted the Domains.
Havent Posted Here In Ages...
+ Better New Theme With Color Selections (Right Side Next to your username)
+ Added More Thread / Post Icons
+ Added More Smiles
+ Added A Better Logo
+ Added A bunch of Ranks (MVP | VIP) E.T.C
+ Changed Attachment Icons
+ Added .rar extensions for Attachments
+ Added Poll Animations
+ With new theme, User profile are now custom
+ Modal Login Box
+ JQuery Tabs E.t.c
Changed CSS On "Check for new replies on this thread".
Now MVPs when you hover over their name it will tell you their name on text if the picture is too blurry this helps.
Now MVPs have Kappas as their stars on the forums.

Now [M] Shows for mods next to their name.
Now [M+] Shows for super mods next to their name.
Now [A] Shows for admins next to their name.
Now [O] Shows for owners next to their name.
Now [D] Shows for developers next to their name.

Now verified by DMCA - Footer of page.
Copyright payed off, now "Powered By Predator." - Footer of page.
Changed M M+ A O D To easier to understand tags.

Added YouTuber rank.
Now being an Youtuber and getting members referred gets you things!
Youtuber Play Button For Stars.
Youtuber Badge Next To Name.
Youtuber Badge.
Youtuber username (Red & White).

How to get? Message @Predator with your YT channel.
You must refer at least 100 members for this rank.

Shoutbox now faster, got newest version of Mysql server on it for archiving.

Added in some emoticons / smilies.
Kappa Keepo Illuminati :sealion: PJSalt Will Be adding more soon.
Fixed CSS On Posting, Now code section shows in white.
Fixed CSS On Shoutbox, Now when typing it will show in white.
Fixed CSS On Spoilers again...
Changed Text on Login Box, Before was a long paragraph of Lorem Ipsum.
Lowered Shoutbox History, this helps in loading times when page loads.
Improve Header Code on all pages.
Improving other parts of code also.

New official & verified paypal account for donations.
Follow twitter for anything else that is happening,
Added 1 Ad Above Shoutbox (VIPs And MVPs Can Not See Ads).
Made Bottom Ad Rotate, Less loading times before it was 2 ads there.

Moved all badges to forum directories.
Moved all MVP username images to forum directories.
Moved all Username Tags to forum directories.
^^ This reduces amount of connections outgoing and keeps forum with internal SSL.

MVPs usernames now have max height of 20px because usernames were just too massive.
Optimized page on load speeds a little bit by doing all of this and some little code changes.
Fixed a random 404 error on js script.
Added VIP MOD Badge.

New Domains Registered:
Domains Sold
^ All of these are for sale hit me up.

Improved SEO Code for website.
Removed Forum Jump.
Added an GIF Image for stars.
Another Update...

So I noticed how bad Miuna Shoutbox is coded and how many vulnerabilities it had, it controlled username and uids on client side and people could make their usernames a piece of code running on peoples browsers...
Well @ilian gave a helping hand and fixed this for us thus he is our shoutbox developer for now.

Along with fixing all of the issues above we also came up with making a proxy for images, so now people can post iploggers on shoutbox but it will not leak our users ips. Many small fixes were also added.

I noticed 401 bugs on mybb and on shoutbox and we have fixed on shoutbox and now looking to fix on mybb forum so thanks to all the people finding these bugs :D

Removed @'s on mybb before but now I have fixed them and now they are back!

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