Developer Log
by Omnipotent - March 22, 2015 at 03:39 PM
Couple of Updates:

*Added Items to the Shop, you can buy this with credits that are earned by posting and creating new threads.
*Added Awards to the Forum, you can gain these by reading the info here:
*Shoutbox edit flood timer has been added and we have enabled everyone to edit/delete their messages again.
*Edited postbit and forced classic postbits for all users.

Note: Clear cache if you are still using the old postbits.
Note: Certain forums do not give you credits such as Shitbox.
More Updates:

*Enabled RPS game for people with permissions. Play and Bet your credits here:
*Enabled Purchase of credits. Check out the Credit Store here:

Note: Changed RPS Permissions so that VIP, MVP and GOD can use it.
Couple of small tweaks and changes.

> Shining light on some options that are available on the shoutbox that you should use.
[Image: RF_PAC2b.png]
* Image link option enabled and disables showing of images when someone posts an image, this can be used to save data. (You need to refresh after changing.)
* Volume meter is for changing the volume or muting the beeps shoutbox makes when someone says something.
* Last option makes it so that the shoutbox only beeps when someone talks directly to you with an @.

> Reminding people of the hide feature.
* When someone uses the hide feature on their content/post when someone unlocks the content the credits they pay go directly to the poster.
>> Options of the Hide feature.
- Changing The Title -

[hide=Kill Yourself][/hide]

> Small update on the Official Firewall.
* Added caching to content so that pages load faster in RF.
Full Details:
Couple of Updates:

>Shoutbox 'Fuck Me Daddy' function.
** Function has been removed, it was there as a test for something and I forgot to remove it last time.

>New Shoutbox Discord Users function.
** Added Discord Users count at the top tabs of the shoutbox, this user count is updated every 45 seconds.
** When you click the Discord Users tab it will take you to a discord invite link to the discord server.

>Moved functions to the site root and updated code.
** Before the shoutbox got random webm links from my other website ( now I have moved the request to
** Changed the Synchronous XML requests to jQuery requests for better compatibility on shoutbox functions.
Changes concerning longevity of the website (Website Paid For 1 More Year):
* Added 1 Year to Hosting of the website and renewed SSL certificates for the shoutbox server.
* Also Added 1 Year to the Domain registration.

Purchased Storage Server for the Dump Section:
* Purchased a secondary server to store the databases leaked/posted on the Dumps section. Now this server has even more storage and speeds to provide for the increasing demand.
* Take a speedtest here: DB Server
> A Few threads you should read if you are interested in the above: 1, 2

Changes Surrounding Credits/Points:
* Now Buying VIP, MVP and GOD will provide you with a set amount of credits to spend on the website or gamble using RPS.
* With that I did not want to burden our staff team with having to give credits out to everyone so I just coded an automated claim system that you can find here.
* With those updates I also had to change the prices and amounts of credits that the credit shop gives you. (To Balance Everything)
> 1. You can only claim the rewards once unless you upgrade your account from VIP to MVP or MVP to GOD, the system will give you deducted amounts based on what you purchased for example if you had MVP and just now purchased god you will receive 60 credits as you already claimed the other 60 credits that came with MVP.
> 2. If you have any problems regarding this system please contact me as I made it myself.


Minor note would be that we upgraded MyBB to the latest version a while ago (1 Hour After it was Released). Version 1.8.8
And how could I forget thanks @Loki  for not uploading any DBs to the database server.
Also do not forget to join our Discord server you can join it by clicking the Discord Users tab on the Shoutbox.
Bug Fix:
* Fixed a bug where 'member' users were not able to view the credits page.

* Changed upgrades purchase page to change buttons dynamically as you purchase ranks.
* Moved server to Netherlands.
* Changed package price on the credit shop.

P.S: I cleared the suggestions subforum, and subscribed to it so I will see suggestions or bugs reported.
* Changed post requirements for certain ranks because people were just spamming a ton to get these ranks easily and it really was not a challenge.

Member > Advanced Member (50 Posts)
Advanced Member > Elite Member (100 Posts)
Elite Member > Nigger (200 Posts)
Nigger > King Nigger (300 Posts)
King Nigger > Tryhard (500 Posts)

* Changed stars for users, now to get more stars either upgrade or make posts on the forum.
Member = 0 Stars
Advanced Member = 1 Star
Elite Member = 2 Stars
Nigger = 3 Stars
King Nigger = 4 Stars
Tryhard = 5 Stars
VIP = 6 Stars
MVP = 8 Stars (customizable)
GOD = 10 Stars (customizable)
Staff = 7 Stars
* Disabled attachments for normal users, only upgraded members can post attachments.
* Avatar sizes increased in postbit from 100x100 to 130x130.
* Avatar sizes increased in memberlist from 100x100 to 120x120.

* Avatar sizes increased in profile from 200x200 to 300x200.
* Slightly changed avatar change menu and increased upload sizes to 300x200 and added option of ticking automatic image resize to allow for GIF uploads.
* Fixed a bug on avatar change menu that allows iploggers to be put as your avatar, we fixed this before but there was a new method. We found it out before anyone used it.
* Image names instead of usernames have been tweaked, I have changed max size for those to 120KB if your imagename was a lot bigger I have removed it from the server.
* Activated WAF on raid forums so if you get blocked just send an email if you think you got blocked by mistake.
* Changed wait 5 seconds to a new simple page that is darker for light sensitive people.

Working On:
* Timeline much like HOA with raids that we do so they get archived there for people to view.
* Thinking about moving RF servers sometime in the near future to a bigger server.
* Avatar sizes custom to ranks.
* Added Latest Posts Bar On Index (Updates Every 45 Seconds).

* Adjusted Index to Look Sexy As Fuck (Minor CSS Changes).
* Removed Thread notifications on Shoutbox.
* Removed Auto Refresh everywhere, it will still keep you online if you just sit on shoutbox.
* Added Icons to the Tabs.
* Moved Discord Users on shoutbox to a txt file that gets updated every 1 minute (Less server resources used).
* Use this theme to match logo: [Image: ObinCEL.png]

Working On:
* Timeline much like HOA with raids that we do so they get archived there for people to view.
* Fix the forum listing and add new forums.
* Avatar sizes custom to ranks.

Looking For:
* Graphics Designer to make logos for RF so I can make logo change for every theme color.
* Fixed Reports, Now you can report a post or reputation. (It had a bug before)
* Server Location has now been Bucharest, Romania for the last month.
* Email server relaying messages through OVH node and sendgrid.
* Small firewall changes.
> Site automatically goes to the 5 second wait page when under attack.
> Your IP will be banned from the site if you get too many rate limiting errors, this ban is less than an hour if it's your first time. (If you are not unbanned contact via email or discord.)

* Removed the feature to thank or like a post as it was trivial and unused, might bring it back if people really want.
* Updated the URL styles for the forums, threads, users and posts. (Instead of user-7.html the url is now User-Omnipotent)
> Old links to your profiles and threads that were not updated on search engines still work they will just redirect to the new format.
* Added Sitemap for people who care about that it's location is on the robots.txt file.
* Added a few more report reasons.
* PHP version has been updated to 7.0 from 5.6.
* Moderators now get emailed if you report anything.

Looking For:
* Graphics Designer to make logos for RF so I can make logo change for every theme color.
* Other memes that will take me months to finish because i'm lazy asf.
* Fixed YouTube Social Sites URL.
* Added Steam, Xbox and PlayStation to Social Sites.
* Social Sites now display above your post count in a thread.
* Added user's Sex and Race under Credits count in a thread.
* In edit profile I added a bunch of new additional information such as Occupation, Hobbies, Computer Specs.
* Fixed Skype and Google Hangouts on profiles, now your Skype information and google hangouts ID shows on the contact info on your profile.
* Fixed Profile URL on the usercp drop down and thread links on the Share option above threads.
* Fixed small typo in user profiles.
* Fixed contacts table on user profiles.
* Removed AIM, MSN and Yahoo profiles on profiles.

View these changes: (Go to Contact and About)
Edit your profile info:
Edit your social sites:

Looking For:
* Graphics Designer to make logos for RF so I can make logo change for every theme color.
* Other memes that will take me months to finish because i'm lazy asf.
It has been more than a year since I last made a post here, there has been many changes to the website which haven't been documented but I will try my best to do so from now on.
So here is the update log for the past couple of days.

Awards Revamp:
  • Fixed Pimp shop Award as the background wasn't transparent.
  • Added new awards; Addicted, Active, Service, Donator IV and V, Businessman, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram & Reporter. (More info here)
  • Updated Award icon for YouTube award to match the other social media icon styles.
  • Certain Awards are now given automatically by the website learn more here.
  • 90% of existing given awards have been revoked because moderators were just giving out awards willy nilly.
  • Reiterated all of the Award descriptions.
  • You can now have up to 18 award spots on your profile postbit.
  • Added the Santa Hat back to the store with limited quantity.

Music Forum:
  • Added an announcement to shed some light to songs made for RF by our users.

Payment Gateways:
  • Now directly accepting card payments, no need to signup on PayPal or mess with any third parties.
  • Credits purchase buttons have been replaced with a simple "Purchase Now" textbox to reduce clunkiness.
  • PayPal is still currently accepted but this might change in the future so just be warned.

Account Security:
  • 2 Factor Authentication has been added, to activate this please go to your user control panel and look for the 2FA menu option.

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