Discord TokenBot - Raid Bot / Self-bot / Mass DM Bot - 20+ Features ⚡ Powerful
by Fuze-0208 - November 25, 2019 at 12:10 AM
Discord TokenBot - The Swiss Army Knife of Discord
[Image: kDVhWTyn8.gif]

Mass check/manage accounts, launch raids on other servers, and mass DM advertise your server, social media account, or shop easily and efficiently!
One time payment for lifetime updates & support! - Pay with PayPal or cryptocurrencies.
Accepting suggestions, will potentially add more features in the future!

  • Guild Join
  • Guild Leave
  • Guild Change Nickname
  • Channel Message
  • Direct Message
  • Mass DM (DMs everyone in a set guild)
  • Message Spammer
  • Add / Remove Reaction (Emoji)
  • Friend Request
  • Friend Remove
  • Set Online Status
  • Avatar Changer
  • Game Status [Playing/Streaming/Listening/Watching]
  • Forced set to HypeSquad [Bravery, Brilliance, Balance]
  • Support Http / Socks Proxy
  • Built-in Proxy Checker
  • Support Multi-threaded Toggle On / Off (Can Customize Speed)
  • Clean UI
  • Logs View
  • Thread Control / Viewer
  • Built-in Tokens Checker Automatic Remove Unverified / Invalid / Duplicate Tokens
  • Use as many tokens as yoant.
  • License System (You Will Be Given A Key)
Written in Java
You will need Discord tokens to use this!

Terms of Service:
Your license key may be revoked if it is leaked publicly, so please be careful with it.

Limited Time RaidForums Exclusive Offer:
Add me on Discord (Fuze#0208) and show proof of purchase, and I will give you 150 Discord tokens 100% completely for free!
Able to give out 3 vouch copies, contact me if interested.
i kno w someone who needs this
Scammer DNDW

this nerd copied my thread

(December 01, 2019 at 02:45 PM)RANKTW Wrote: Scammer DNDW

this nerd copied my thread


And your source code? ......
(December 01, 2019 at 03:05 PM)moot Wrote: And your source code? ......

if you check my post date "April 18, 2019 at 08:20 PM"
that pretty obvious he is copied my thread sir

well if you really the source code here you are

Thanks a lot for this submission!

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