Download youtube music
by Ners - February 24, 2021 at 10:11 AM
youtube-dlG lets you select mp3 from the dropdown:
The quality of mp3s ripped from youtube is shit though, you should look into ripping high bitrate mp3/flac from deezer with a free account:
youtube-dl is the best way for me, but JDownloader is easiest if you're not great with terminals plus it supports a lot of sites.
But as Faded said, the best way is with Deezer. I use Deemix myself
(February 24, 2021 at 10:11 AM)Ners Wrote: Hi, a good youtube music downloader??? thx

best downloader, no fancy UI but fast and reliable. Work flawlessy on windows too.
You can download directly from youtube the better quality source and directly convert it on the fly into .flac hi-res format.

windows e.g.:

youtube-dl --no-cache-dir --no-playlist --force-ipv4 --proxy socks5:// --verbose --print-traffic -x --audio-format flac --audio-quality 0[your video music id]

--proxy socks5://   for downloading via TorBrowser socks proxy. In case of bad results just delete this option.

--audio-quality 0        for the best audio source download from original youtube upload

-x, --extract-audio      Convert video files to audio-only files  (requires ffmpeg or avconv and ffprobe or

--audio-format FORMAT            Specify audio format: "best", "aac", "flac", "mp3", "m4a", "opus", "vorbis", or
                                "wav"; "best" by default; No effect without  -x

You'll need ffmpeg.exe (or similar) in the same folder as youtube-dl.exe to obtain on the fly conversion.

Also, in case of bad results, try to update the youtube-dl.exe (youtube-dl.exe --update)

Keep in mind Lightbulb  .mp3 under 320kb is not really music just noise.


After having a good audio source (flac, or other lossless format), imho, next move is focus on a good hi-def player. The best one is foobar2000 with asio support, even without an audio dac.
I also suggest to use jingle creator for music. With our jingle creation solution, you don't need any musical experience or a significant budget to create your own jingle.
I use , it does the work for my needs
just serach google dumb manaaaaa
#19 - i use this, i think is one of the best

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