DreamTime. A super improved DeepNude.
by kolessios - December 13, 2019 at 11:20 AM
Thanks for the good drop
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Hope this is good thanks
hmm... yes... cheese...
thanks for the share........
Thanks for sharing my guy
thanks - i will try this. awesome!!
cool! definitely will try this.
thanks a bunch for these buddy !!!!
(December 13, 2019 at 11:20 AM)kolessios Wrote: DreamTime is an open-source and super-improved version of DeepNude. Is better than DeepNude.

DeepNude was abandoned months ago, we have rescued it and we are focusing on making it bigger and bigger. 
This is a taste of the greatest features:

  1. Free and open-source forever. No cracks or premium versions required, you get everything from the start.
  2. Compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS.
  3. Friendly and stable user interface.
  4. GPU processing. (Nudify a photo in seconds)
  5. GIF support. (Soon videos too!)
  6. Import files from your computer, the web or Instagram.
  7. Import several photos at once, even entire folders! (Queue system)
  8. Modify the preferences of each photo. (Bigger tits? Bigger vagina? Pubic hair? We have you covered.)
  9. Transform the same photo several times using different preferences. Also available randomize and progressive preferences.
  10. Update the application, algorithm and checkpoints from the app itself.
  11. Edit, crop or overlay the photo with different tools.
  12. Discord and social networks, join the community and always stay informed of updates or even talk to us about suggestions and problems.
  13. Every 1 or 2 weeks there is a new version with more features!

You do not believe me? Look at the photos:

[Image: index.png]

[Image: about.png]

[Image: preferences.png]

[Image: photpanel1.png]

[Image: photopanel2.png]

[Image: photopanel3.png]

[Image: photopanel4.png]

Wait... you are a Terminal hacker or a developer creating a SaaS application? DreamPower is for you.

DreamPower is a CLI application that allows you to transform photos using the terminal, with it you can do some things that cannot be done with DreamTime or create a Bot that transforms the photos you want. (DreamTime uses it under the hood!)

DreamTime and DreamPower are totally free and open-source forever.

[Hidden Content]

[Hidden Content]

I am the main developer of DreamTime and I really hope you like it. I await your comments on the experience of the program and what you would improve. Thank you all!  Smile
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My DeepNude suddenly stopped functioning, can't wait to try this.
thanks forthis! i will check it out

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