Elm3 Financial Group, LLC (195GB)
by ComradeK - September 13, 2021 at 10:21 PM
site: elm3financial.com
Elm3 Financial Group, LLC is located in Alpharetta, GA, United States and is part of the Financial Planners & Investment Advisers Industry. Elm3 Financial Group, LLC has 9 total employees across all of its locations and generates $5.70 million in sales.

A lot of various forms (like 8879 or 8453, for example) containing the personal information of your clients (Name, address, SSN, DOB) - Clients driver licences - Clients investment advisories (Account Forms, Allocation, Compliance, Green Sheets, Portfolio Reviews, Reports, Statements) - Companies QBW files with full accounting data from your clients - Company Confidential Files (like corporate docs, employees personal data, rental agreements etc, Bank statements, I-9, W-4, G-4, W-9 forms etc.)

part 1 : https://marketo.cloud/data/eu1oothohpha.7z
part 2 : https://marketo.cloud/data/ais5evahwee4.7z
part 3 : https://marketo.cloud/data/dechoo5oow3n.7z
part 4 :  https://marketo.cloud/data/phailai7ohto.7z
part 5 : https://marketo.cloud/data/eir4xieshaiv.7z
part 6 : https://marketo.cloud/data/wahvoh9chiev.7z
part 7 : https://marketo.cloud/data/lth0eeshous9.7z
part 8 : https://marketo.cloud/data/onga8homobei.7z
part 9 : https://marketo.cloud/data/riegu6lahfei.7z
part 10: https://marketo.cloud/data/phooch9aikib.7z
part 11 : https://marketo.cloud/data/esook5ra0oap.7z
part 12 : https://marketo.cloud/data/aog6ooler8ye.7z
part 13 :  https://marketo.cloud/data/ahjieci9aofu.7z
part 14 : https://marketo.cloud/data/eopohf9xi7po.7z
part 15: https://marketo.cloud/data/zu6aehee4ziu.7z
part 16: https://marketo.cloud/data/ceeng1thosek.7z
part 17: https://marketo.cloud/data/zaihoo8meebo.7z
Problem remains, this site sucks: https://marketo.cloud/ , it sucks up your files, but refuses to let anyone get them without going through 10 kinds of hell.
You need to change names of files, just number them & load them on MEGA or Gofile, both WORK. Gofile will be better for the number of files, one file at a time. MEGA will be a pain in the ass if they don't have unlimited downloads by PAYING them.
Gofile does not care how much you download.
This thread has a bad link, please reply to the message you were sent so I can replace the current link and reinstate your thread.

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