Evernote.com config SentryMBA (2 configs, registration check, password check)
by herefornothing - May 23, 2020 at 10:36 PM
I recently made a completely functional Evernote.com config for SentryMBA that is working as of May 23rd 2020.  One of them is used to check if the account exists and another one checks for valid logins.  

Registration Checker:
Can take anything as the password and will give valid logins to accounts that exist.  This is useful because evernote bans ip's very quickly if checking for valid login:password but this allows you isolate only the acccounts that exist on the site so you can get better performance with the second config

Valid login checker:
Works with all languages (different keywords are required for each language).  Can accept either Username:password or Email:password.  Evernote also disables accounts that havent been logged into for a while or some other criteria and with these accounts, any password attempted will redirect you to the "force password reset" page.  My cconfig filters these out too so the only results you get back are 100% valid non disabled accounts.  You can use this config without needing to use the registration checker but it will burn through proxies much much faster.  

I was unable to find any config for either of these so i decided to make my own.  it is not an easy config to make as it requires a fair amount of extra work that goes beyond just using the analyze page function.  

I can provide support if you are having any issues with it working.  

Evernote has a separate site for china called yinxiang.com and it will return any accounts that are registered on the site. I only have a registration checker for this site, not a valid login checker.  Accounts on yinxiang are 100% distinct from evernote.com and many chinese people have accounts on both.  If you want this too please inquire.

Price: 69$ for the the registration checker and the login checker.  

Please pm me if interested.
Dude are u kidding ? Its like 30seconds work there is no even security or something please.
not for the login checker. go try it
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