FaithfulMC & Zolux Minecraft Database
by tensey - January 03, 2019 at 05:10 PM
heres some proof of faithfulFaithful
heres proof of zolux: Zolux

if you´d like to trade some databases feel free to pm me  Biggrin

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never knew Faithfulmc and Zolux got their DB posted, GG on getting them
I can trade ViperHCF, VeltPvP from 2018 & MMC from 2017-2018
INteresting, thanks for this look slike it will be good
let kids play minecraft in peace... just kidding Smile thanks for your work
What is the leak date of faitful?
i really want this database haha
how many credits do i have (test)
this database is old and has been public for a while lol
(April 10, 2019 at 11:26 PM)XXSnowFlakeXX Wrote: this database is old and has been public for a while lol
ikr LOL , what we gonna do about it? we should be toxic to this guy which put this on there for people who cant find it online , lets beat him up for doing something for others!!
its literally free lmao idk why ur getting mad about it. ur just gyping people of their credits
Thanks hopefully i'd find the ign that i'm looking for :D

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