Fortinet SSL VPN Credentials FULL
by ShinyAPT - April 27, 2021 at 05:19 PM
After the leak of the Fortinet SSL VPN, I couldn't find anywhere the usernames and credentials so I made a script to parse each IP and with the path where you can find the usernames and passwords. Probably anyone that's not a n00b can do this, but why not post it online for everyone to have instead of wasting time in extracting this.

Here is the link to the files:
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I'm selling this for $2

Reach out to me at [email protected] for payment details or we can make a deal.


"Probably anyone that's not a n00b can do this"
and you want 2k for it? Nice.
Please clarify. $2 or 2k ???
Thanks for sharing let me check what is available in the hidden tag
So is this available the or what?
So is this available the or what?
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Thanks for sharing, link is still working hope so
Thank you for sharing, link is still working I hope so !!
thank you brother I will take a look at it
Thanks for sharing man!

thank you for this, its gonna be useful
Thanks for this share g i appreacite

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