France's Hollande fires back at Trump over Paris comments
by Malkiaη - February 26, 2017 at 08:29 AM
French President Francois Hollande fired back at Donald Trump on Saturday after the U.S. president remarked in a speech that a friend thought "Paris is no longer Paris" after attacks by Islamist militants.

Hollande said Trump should show support for U.S. allies.

"There is terrorism and we must fight it together. I think that it is never good to show the smallest defiance toward an allied country. I wouldn't do it with the United States and I'm urging the U.S. president not to do it with France," Hollande said.

"I won't make comparisons but here, people don't have access to guns. Here, you don't have people with guns opening fire on the crowd simply for the satisfaction of causing drama and tragedy," Hollande said, responding to questions during a visit at the Paris Agric fair.
He's gone in a few months. Should have just shut up and lived with the shame of what he's done to the country.
Both are piece of shit

But hollande has only few moths to go
Trump's comments also drew a rebuke from the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo.
We really should just impeach trump already and fix this country by bringing in someone who's literally more competent.
trump is every day more crazy man
i really love donald trummp
Trump is crazy in my opinion.
Paris will aways be Paris As the city of light
Holland is gone, Macron has arrived what will it change something?

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