Free Hashcracking Service
by RandomGuy468942 - October 03, 2019 at 12:19 AM
~Random's Free Hashcracking Service~
I will try to crack your Hashes for free.
Please take a look at my rules before requesting anything.

Each request will run for a limited time.
I only accept hashes, no hashed combolists.
I do this to expand my wordlists.
No bcrypt because it sucks to much energy.
You must be an upgraded User or got atleast 100 Rep.

Provide me atleast the following informations when submitting your cracking request:
Pastebin Link
Language or other informations about Hashes

My Hardware:
4x 2080Ti Watercooled
128GB 3800Mhz Ram
2x 2TB 970 EVO M2
just use
(October 03, 2019 at 03:09 PM)spaces Wrote: just use

hashkiller compares hashes with already solved hashes, it doesn't really crack hashes.

Incase you come across a tech geek who has a strong password and his password hasn't been cracked before, then you can get the help from someone like the Random Guy
Nice setup. Good post about helping people with their hashes. If you do not have requests, consider decrypting the crypted databases that are in forum,

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