Freezi Booter V1.1
by brad5454 - November 11, 2015 at 03:26 PM
Hey guys a whipped up a quick program when i was bored just looking to get good feedback out of it
This booter is 100% free and im using my servers to hit with it simple api booter
Yeah someone could just look into the code for the api but really its a waste of time because if i see my bandwidth skyrocketing then ill just take the script off the server so your basicly just ruining it for everyone if you want to be that guy but theres always someone like that and thats fine.
Before i start rambling on about stupid crap please give feedback and boot as much as you want tell me bugs tell me problems give me suggestions i will make it better. This program is not ment to ddos a server or anything its just for home connections, i feel like other free booters **** you in the ass with ads to get a 10 second boot that lags the victim thats retarded my program got no ads but you only get a 30 second boot, i really dont have enough money to fund 100+ people getting over 60 second boot that can drop a home connection it just wont happen unless i get donations witch wont happen. If i do get donation i will get lower quality servers but with more apis so on each server i will use low bandwidth on multiple servers, for now i only have 1 server i will add more when i get more money. Yes the program has a trial but theres ways to get around it just dont be a skid 

This might get removed because its not allowd or something so msg me on skype if you want it ill send link on their aswell... bradgbe300< skype
I also cant post links just message me on skype for the program

[Image: US9fOOx.png]
>inb4 moved or rip
lol my 1st post is this the wrong section?
(November 11, 2015 at 03:33 PM)brad5454 Wrote: lol my 1st post is this the wrong section?

can you please tell me the right section?
1. You joined this month and you dont have 1 week online =instand not approved 2.You didnt post in the right section 3.VirusTotal link pls

Sorry about that
>cridet green, kek
[Image: 40a1d3d6b8dd68ea3507ad314977d2fa.png]

I don't trust

No port umm k den

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