GPS Underground Database - Leaked, Download!
by dataforcontact - October 27, 2019 at 02:07 AM
Hello RaidForums Community,
Today I have uploaded the GPS Underground Database for you to download for free, thanks for reading and enjoy!

In early 2017, GPS Underground was amongst a collection of compromised vBulletin websites that were found being sold online. The breach dated back to mid-2016 and included 670k records with usernames, email and IP addresses, dates of birth and salted MD5 password hashes.

Compromised data: Dates of birth, Email addresses, IP addresses, Passwords, Usernames

The data provided is in a TXT file with blank spaces separating the columns and all passwords are using the MD5 hashing algorithm. The .7z File's MD5 Hash is 044C07739D5DCBACE43240948B44C9CB. Total record count of 668421.
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lol god damnit i just dumped this and was running it you fucking Venezuelan
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one thank is not bad Wink
another good share thanks for this dude.
Nice share. Thank you for this one.
Nice one op. thanks!
(October 27, 2019 at 02:07 AM)dataforcontact Wrote: 668.421 database 

hash SALT username mail ip

1 admin fb143f34c3ff63a644339e43a6c3cc53 -%(n]AG/s,P\>Qa\ETtzn<kk)ErFA^ [email protected]
3 test a43f4061eb9d1c395633a8bc6b679577 op3N)ZGc(q)&9"g$Qp_Jt_Rw>niB,M [email protected]
4 JMMO33 a448e45b65b208932bf15530d9bdf539 n"zs{A*JD(*DL/y8q~CzY(3\Vvqm\k [email protected]
5 Reaper e4a099df10a5d95646b15bdd54d1f320 yeB.qA)IaF^[*_~9|k|lg8<c>3tji< [email protected]
6 miland 5f808afe901ab7a8c8e1477cd59839fc 6Bx92bSG3yD(4.u~a>7/[email protected][:"aqN [email protected]
7 foobar 852e90a2803bd0bdf7a67f2232b70400 vU+lHD\FpxOC,^*]N?X85/7Hrt%;VV [email protected]
8 JeeBee d8f7855969e225b9a6601fdbfd370bc0 V^W!=IEK\F^a[7aYRESmileVl;T04OF^D [email protected]

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Made it onto HIBP Thanks for your contribution!
This thread has been moved to the Official subforum.
This means the data has been verified and compressed by me assuring the smallest possible size furthermore it will be delivered by us and kept online indefinitely.

> Official Database Index <
I need this, thkss bro, testing
not pronlem men all good enjoy
I need this, thkss bro, for testing thanks!
Thanks for uploading this man, needed this one real bad.

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