Gaiaonline Weebfag Raid
by CrackWhore - June 01, 2016 at 08:30 AM
Greetings keks and kappas lets have a massive raid set for 3 PM PFC 6/1/2016

A hangouts link will be disperced, don't worry about it, or just spam solo. the use of iMarcos for automation helps

I've constructed a pastebin link to spam the weebfags with.

Here's a premade spam template for lulz, it includes one dox, and one goatse.

Feel free to spam around the clock

When using accounts use and tor from

Have a laugh riot when the mods ban you a few times, create as many shitpost threads as possible.

If you feel like it wait to get some legal threats from mods, and embask in the lulz by flaming them and posting screenshots.

Brought to you by CrackWhore's summer week of lulz.

It's available around the clock, and always makes for good lulz from the asshurt weebfag gaiamods.

Remember daddy loves you.

Enjoy the lulzfest, CrackWhore
ok senpai 15 limit

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