Goku VS Thanos
by Nono949 - September 14, 2018 at 06:42 PM
Who will be the winner of a fight between these two ?
Goku, that's kind of obvious Wink
Thanos with the Infinity Gems.
Goku, he will die from the snap, come back as ghost, temp as human after the witch cast her spell, kill Thanos then reborn via dragonball
thanos doesnt even have to snap . he chose to make that the way to activate teh infinity stones but he could just wave his hand, point, or grip tight. thanos would beat goku 10/10
after super? easily goku
Goku is a GOD, Thanos not have chanceĀ  Biggrin
Thanos. he have big purplel
thanos - infinity stones looses to goku for sure. but with the stones.. i think it would be a photo finnish
If the snap gets goku? Thanos! No magic snap of 50% doom? Goku
Thanos for sure, but the one form the comics
thank you for this leak man

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