Honest Ozone Rat Review
by kraken - November 15, 2015 at 09:00 PM
Alright, I would like to say...yes I have been hyping this up a lot does it live up to it? No.
I would like to start out with the main attraction, HVNC. Hidden VNC! You need vnc viewer to use hvnc.
You can get it from here! 
   HVNC works flawlessly, although sometimes--and only on weird occasions Windows displays a pop up that alerts the victim that your RAT wants to access the network. This doesn't happen often but you can lose your client because of this.
  Ozone does have some missing features/features I want improved. When you infect someone, you can open a remote desktop. It runs smoothly, you can't expand the remote desktop so it is hard to see. There is no option where you can listen to the mic, and the camera doesn't work.(at least not for me) The keylogger isn't that great.
 The support is not good, they don't respond very quickly. Give it a few days and maybe they will respond
to your question. I can understand they are busy, but seriously some of my questions haven't been answered. Onto Cibor himself. He has done a lot of sketchy shit. Like postpone the update for Ozone by a month...still isn't out. He allegedly sold a private updated version of Ozone to someone for around $150. He forgets a lot when it comes to payment.
 My favorite thing about Ozone is that the viruses are runtime scan fud meaning that an av isn't supposed to block the virus when you run it. Doesn't work with the persistence file and can be removed by scanning it without executing.
 Final score for the Ozone RAT: 7.5/10
 It is kind of limited compared to the other RATs such as LumosityLink and Imminent Monitor 4.
  It is still a great RAT and I recommend it but I don't think it is worth $50, especially since LumosityLink has RDP now. Most of the features are stable but definitely could use some improvement. I believer Cibor is genuinely a great guy. 
Is Cibor's RAT a LumosityLink killer? No, there is no doubt LL and Ozone compete with each other but I just have to side with KFC Watermelon on whose RAT is better
I will not be reviewing doc exploit/miner anytime soon because I haven't fully used it for what it is as for, I will try to setup everything for both programs
Credit goes to @12392 for helping me out!

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