How To Raid ?
by Pulrok - October 14, 2015 at 06:05 PM
Greetings All Of You !

This will be my shitty tutorial showing you how 2 raid .
 = For vpn (has a trial version , or buy )


More information

2.Wireshark = Allows you to see the ip:adress of the victim.


More information =

3.Loic = If you want to ddos people (illegal)

There are alot of these . Loic is free but needs 5-1000 people to work depending on the size/strengh

you can even buy ddos service .

For reasons i will not links these but you can find these very easy.

4.Some stuff

random email generator =

music for raid =

For finska/suomi =

PS. And remember the N.S.A is watching you.

I hope this shit helped you.

By Pulrok
> dosing being a part of a raid
> loic
Uhhhhh no b

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