How skype resolvers work
by EverLastingGone - July 25, 2015 at 11:45 PM
Skype Resolvers


Skype Resolver:
A tool that is usually on a website or a program that you can use to Input a Skype username and you receive the persons IP Address as an output. (Essentially an I/O deal)


Sites that are examples:

Yeah you get the point here.
They all are pretty much the same in some ways and different in others.

You can also find programs to do the same exact thing.


How Skype Resolvers Work:

Peer to Peer Connection

Skype is obviously used for multiple purposes; Calling, Transferring Files, Instant Messaging, and so on.

Skype uses a protocol called 'Peer to Peer' connection which means that Skype users are directly connecting to another persons IP Address. Not a server. That is also why Skype sounds somewhat higher voice quality than other programs. Therefore when you send a file, call, message, etc you are connecting to this person using peer to peer connection in which it makes it easier to find this said persons IP Address.

Types of Skype resolvers:

Some Common Skype Resolving methods are listed below.

1. Some Skype resolvers have many bots that will call gain a connection to the victim when requested and will output the IP Address to you when it is found.

2. The second method that I have heard about is another connection will be gained by adding the victim to the friends list and removing them too fast for us to catch us but it doesn't matter because it would have already gotten the IP Address.

3. Many resolvers will keep logs of these IP Addresses that have been resolved and will be updated from time to time. That is another reason why you shouldn't like Skype because it is very hard to get your account deleted and you can be Skype resolved very easily.


Please if you are going to use Skype Make sure you make it hard to get resolved for the legitimate IP Address. No one cares if they get your VPN. Just be smart about it.

Hope this helped a little bit to understand a bit more about resolvers. Thanks!


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