How to get unbanned from a website (newfag tut)
by JamesFitz - May 17, 2015 at 07:09 PM
Step one, stop being poor. 
Step two, find a VPN. 
The best VPN's that i've used are:

Next, install the software (you don't have to, ask for the server IP's if you want to manually connect)
Then connect.Go to and check if your IP is changed. If so, continue.
Go to  and make sure that your real IP isn't leaking. If it is, you may have to enable this in the VPN settings. 
If you don't see your real IP, you're good to go.
"Thanks, and have fun"
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This doesn't work for half of the websites on the Pineapplenet. Most have a list of blacklisted ip's so unless it's a small forum don't waste your time here.
Hope these work. Anyway good tutorial Kappa Kappa

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