Introduction: motne
by motne - September 13, 2020 at 06:03 PM
ey yo how y'all doing, decided to sign up for these forums since the content here looks fuckin sweet, very excited to see all the shit y'all have to offer, great to be here !
hii bro how are you

Not sure, I'm making a post to see if or how to get credits.
I'm hoping this can work so that I can get 8 credits.
If I can get 8 credits I can then download a data base list.
Once I get the list I want to upload it to Gmail
Once I have it in gmail I can promote some offers.
Ok look at that I have 1 credit. Cool Smile
Yet I have posted 6 times and should I not have 6 credits?
Maybe it is just 1 credit per post, so I will try a different post, to post in.

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