Linux Kali problem with fan
by toottoot - November 22, 2016 at 11:20 AM
I run linux kali on the acer 4820TG and it works great BUT my fan is on max all the time. I did not have this problem when running windows or ubuntu. tried enabling and disabling my secondary graphics card with no luck. anyone have any idea what is going on?
A lot of people have this problem with Linux. Use fancontrol and pwmconfig, also make sure your shit is clean and up to date with all your drivers.
Awesome! Have everything as it should gonna try the fan and pwm.
Thank you!
try the command "sudo pstree " or see the mem useinfo by the command(I have forgot the detail),and you can see which one process try run out your computer resource...
may be you should update the drivers
Tossed it. Running dell xps which runs so much better!

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