Live Thread - Server Migration
by Omnipotent - April 24, 2021 at 12:43 AM
This thread is for updates about the server migration, I wanted to personally give some updates instead of keeping you all in the dark.

Earlier today our website went down, this was due to yet another problem with our server. I was just fed up at this point and instantly started looking for a replacement as this is the 3rd problem within 1 month. Our server is 4 years old but served us well, I have decided to have another provider build us a server which will likely be finished later tomorrow (Midday on the 24th of April 2021).
Meanwhile we are utilizing a temporary server, meaning we have to wait for the server under construction before we have Official Downloads working again but hopefully after we have it we will be stable for a long time.

Note: I recently just noticed that our emails were not going through due to our backend IP changing but this has been fixed now, sorry about that.
You can see my updates from earlier here: Twitter
We have received our new main server, I am now setting it up.
We are now on the new server, I still need to do a lot of configuration though to make the website faster.

Note: The official downloads are still disabled until all datasets have been inspected for signs of corruption e.t.c
Official Database downloads are mostly all available now, there are 3 files which will take a few hours to validate such as wattpad, zynga and
Everything should be now working at 100%, if there are any small downtimes that's likely due to me making any final adjustments to the server configurations.

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