Looking at already known brainwallet phrases/passwords
by dribbledata - March 30, 2019 at 11:54 PM
Cooked this up in Python for some inspiration.  Takes forever to run, but it does the job reasonably well.  I'm a C++ programmer, not really a Python pro, but it worked out alright.

# Collects all pages of hacked brainwallets at
# https://allprivatekeys.com/hacked-brainwallets-with-balance.php?page=1
# to page 3162.
# This takes forever to run.  Also, these are known brainwallets so
# there's nothing to take, but you can look at the list of passwords/
# passphrases and get creative in your efforts.  If this is the sort
# of stuff you like.

import requests
import re

page_number = 1
# Have to start from here because of ascii encoding error
# page_number = 3108

# the range() function will go until one less than this
page_number_end = 3163
search_regexp = r'<strong>Brain Wallet passphrase:\s*</strong>([^<]+)<br>'

base_url = "https://allprivatekeys.com/hacked-brainwallets-with-balance.php?page="

counter = 1

for page in range(page_number, page_number_end):
   r = requests.get(base_url+str(page))
   # print "Status code: {}".format(r.status_code)
   if r.status_code != 200:
      print "Status code was {}, skipping...".format(r.status_code)
   p = r.text
   matches = re.findall(search_regexp, p.encode('utf-8'))
   with open("matches.txt", 'a+') as f:
      for m in matches:
        # Unicode errors, ignore until we figure this out
        # ascii codec can't decode byte 0xef in position 4: ordinal
        # not in range(128)
           f.write("%s\n" % m.encode('utf-8'))
           print "Skipping page {}, likely a unicode issue.".format(page_number)

   print "Done {} pages so far.".format(counter)
   counter += 1

print "All done!  Check your matches.txt file."
respect! your the first one who doesnt ask ceedits for some crappy script.
Haha, thanks man.

Yeah it was literally a 5 minute job. Smile

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