Looking for coders
by Vikking - January 28, 2021 at 10:27 AM
Hi, looking for someone to do code-writing for me.

First task is 50-100 hours and pays 1500 to 3000 usd.

Have a look below, and if interested give me a ping on email or telegram.
[email protected]

Please create a one pager on how you would solve the task.

More work in future.


Custom command and control application

Command and control Backdoor – polling to server
The backdoor should be started by a call to loadlibrary.
TLS encrypted communication with the C2 server.
Backdoor should start payload from domain and establish an interactive channel.

C2 Server
Serving plugins and present the results.

Plugins for:
Pivot to other domain computers using admin credentials
Execute windows commands and get the result

The backdoor should not be detected by common Antivirus applications.
SDK for developing more plugins
Don’t test against virustotal.com
The backdoor should be delivered with commented source code and well-structured code.


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