New From UK
by interdasting - July 31, 2018 at 03:00 PM
Randomly found the site, lurked a bit and decided to register. There's some interesting content and some interesting people so I guess I'll have a look around and contribute where I can!

I have a lot of security experience so hopefully I get a chance to help a few people out and contribute where possible.
Welcome from the UK! Hope you enjoy the forum
I'm new too but welcome. I wonder what the ratio of people with experience to people with no experience is on this site.

(I'm one of the latter.  Biggrin )
Welcome, I was a lurker here for a while too but I decided to join so I could talk and help the community.
Hope to see you around bro! Welcome

What does your "security background" have in it
ok this verry good thxxxxx
oh sweet jesus what a nice content
Welcome aboard man, it's a nice little forum.
Welcome! Have fun around here!
My backyard, nice to know there's more than one of us.
What is your security experience?

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