New rules for Programs.
by Dan - October 09, 2015 at 08:15 PM
I decided to update our rules on programs.

Please follow these requirements.

1) You must reach at least one week of online time on RaidForums.
This is to battle untrusted members such ThePancuck spreading his RATs on the forums, but also improve the security of our members.

2) You must be registered more than a month. Please know having an account that's about a month old =/= a months worth of online time.
This is implemented to further secure the protection of our members from downloading malware without knowing.

3) Provide a Virus Scan (UNLESS it's a System 32 deleter or a virus, but make sure to put the font size of 7 to warn our members in case they stupidly run it on their mainware.)

4) Provide a FULL and DETAILED sentence/program on the program you plan to s u b m i t (yeah I had to space it out, only oldfags will know why.), and also include the instructions on how to use the submitted program.

5) Don't ask for the staff team to check out your program, we'll get to it soon.


The staff team is not responsible for anything you do these programs (approved or unapproved,) this is the risk you are taking for yourself, not us.

If you fail to meet these requirements, you will incur a punishment depending how severe the offense is.

Please also know these requirements can be changed any time of the day, so additional rules may be dropped without anyone knowing.

At times, Mods will bend these requirements as fit to their means, however they must do it with justified reasoning.

If you do plan to release your program (such as viruses,) then you do not need to have one week worth of online time and one month worth of registering. Please know these viruses are meant to be ran by the victims, not by our members. Although they're free to run the program in their VMs.

Any other programs such as booters and stressor that requires for download needs a virus scan + demonstrations (video / screenshot, preferably by Gyazo). Anything browser based is ideally fine, but make sure it's not a phishing site..

Any program that an individual or a team submits on RaidForums must be aware that a month with no activity on the submitted thread will be automatically denied to prevent old programs still waiting to be denied / accepted from November 2015.

stay aesthetic boys.

-Updated on 3/30/2016

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