Old fanfic i made
by Kenpachi - December 08, 2015 at 01:07 AM
It was a beautiful night, I was trying to sleep but couldn't. I heard footsteps outside my room. But they weren't my mothers. They were from somebody else. Somebody came into my room. I recognized him right away, it was Celaeon. "Sealion-san, what are you doing here?", I said. "I hope you're ready for the Celery dick", he said as he pulled down his pants and revealed his 2 foot long erect cock. SummiT blushed, "Sealion-san, are you sure about this?", said SummiT, nervously. "I'm always ready", he said, sexily. He positioned SummiT so his rear was facing Celaeon. "I hope you're ready, SummiT-san", he said as he shoved his dick inside him. "Oh Celaeon-san, it hurts so much, but I want to please you my god Celaeon-san" he said. SummiT was getting a raging boner. He started jerking furiously, and as if it was planned, they both came at the same time, SummiTs semen shot up on Celaeon's muscular chest and, Celaeon ejaculated so much it was dripping out his ass. SummiT and Celaeon let out loud moans, and right then SummiTs mom came in. "WAT DA HELLLLLL!!!!!1!111!" She screamed. Celaeon flew away on a celery broomstick, and screamed "This is gonna be a boompeh ride" as he rode away on his broomstick.

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