Phone verification
by 5sSFtpM26y - July 01, 2017 at 06:33 PM
Currently using to bypass cell verification. One worked, one ripped me off. Anyone know of a stable provider?
I have used this one and haven't had any problems
Thanks, some sites are now blocking this one (and any voip)
Theres someone on hf offering sms verification for $1.00 and he has a lot of reviews
Thanks, will go check that out right now
Interesting, I actually never thought of doing that.
You better buy a cheap sim card instead of risking your account due to failure in phone verification
I use

It gives you a free phone number with 0.10 cents of credit in it.

Alternatively, you can install in your phone.
I use CloudSim, android app. Isn't cheap, but is good for bypassing and anon messaging/calls.
#10 <- I vouch for this one since it pretty much works on PayPal / Twitter (Didn't check on other ones yet.)

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