Play music or sounds through mic with keybinds
by iamherefornow - May 20, 2015 at 10:40 PM
Hey! Just wanted to show you my way of doing this and I think it's pretty simple and it also works in games or chatrooms or anything that uses mic.

So what we want to do here is to get mp3 files play through our virtual mic rather easily with keybinds such as numpad 1 and so on.

Here are the steps

1. First you need to download MorphVOX Pro - Screaming Bee (which is not free but yeah you guys know what to do)
� � link :� �(Not sure if try version will work)

2. After installing you should have a new recording device called Screaming Bee audio

3. Select the device from recording deviced tab on sounds ( To get to sounds tab just right down corner of your screen there is a speaker icon then right click on it and press sounds)
�then right click and then make it as default device ( optional but some programs and sites use default device and cannot be changed )
[Image: de21dbca70.png]

4.Now goto your MorphVOX and there you should see Sounds / Soundeffects with a playbutton and a drop selection menu near it should be Advanced, click it
[Image: e1ba8cdff4.png]

5.When the thing opens scroll up and press show favorites so all the tabs open (if you have any can't remember from clean install, but if you can't see your mp3 file here later on repeat this step)

6.Now press Customize

7. Click next and then choose create new, give it a name (can be random) then press Add, now choose your mp3 file or any other audio file I'm not sure what else this program supports but mp3 should be fine.
click next again and wait for it to import then click finish.

8.Now you should see your file at the list if not repeat step 5

9.You are basically good to go now but if you want keybinds let us continue!�

10. To set up keybinds for your sounds open tools from top and then select Quick effects.

11. Don't need to hassle too much here but to add keybinds just find your file on the list and mark it as on and then give it a keybind by clicking SET button.

12. DONE have fun with it

1. Q : I can't hear any sound �A : Make sure you have the right audio devices selected from MorphVOX under settings and preferences.
2. Q : Keybinds don't work in game �A : Some games don't work too well with MorphVOX for some reason, you could try adding keybinds to your mouse.
3. Q : I can hear the music but nobody else can A : Make sure you have set the right mic from your settings on windows and from the game.

Alright that's it! I've never done tutorials before so I hope this all wasn't too confusing
cant wait to play fragments of hitler's speeches in gmod
(May 21, 2015 at 11:41 PM)uTorrent Wrote: cant wait to play fragments of hitler's speeches in gmod

I use this on csgo myself B) Porn sounds and competitive fit together nicely

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