ProtonMail Spies On You
by FBI - August 09, 2021 at 01:42 AM
Protonmail seems to be open source in IOS.
ProtonMail was founded by the FBI,CIA and NSA to prevent another lavibit future accident
(August 11, 2021 at 11:00 AM)meeptoo82 Wrote: There are multiple Tor based email service providers that offer better anonymity than protonmail

To name a few wouldn't go a miss. the idea of them being on Tor still isn't enough proof of safety
Hewwo :3
I will write my own knowledge and the e-mails I made with PM support (if there is something I know wrong, please do not make fun of me, tell the true , I will learn, thanks)

From time to time, ProtonMail may receive requests for assistance from law enforcement authorities. As a strict general rule, ProtonMail only complies with legally binding orders that have been approved by Swiss authorities. Moreover, under article 271 of the Swiss Criminal Code, it is an offense to comply with foreign requests that have not been approved by the Swiss authorities. Therefore, ProtonMail only complies with two types of orders: (1) orders from the Swiss authorities and (2) foreign requests that have been duly instructed and validated by Swiss authorities through an international legal assistance procedure and determined to be in compliance with Swiss law.

ProtonMail is not required to store communications metadata or IP information, as we are exempted under the Swiss Federal Act on the Surveillance of Post and Telecommunications (BÜPF) and its accompanying ordinance. Therefore, ProtonMail can apply a policy of collecting as little user information as possible to protect user privacy. To know exactly what kind of metadata your use of ProtonMail creates, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Upon receiving a judicial order, ProtonMail is obliged to provide any user information readily available that would help identify a user that is subject to a criminal investigation that has been validated by Swiss authorities. In addition to the items listed in our privacy policy, in extreme criminal cases, ProtonMail may also be obligated to monitor the IP addresses which are being used to access the ProtonMail accounts which are engaged in criminal activities. Under no circumstances will ProtonMail be able to provide the contents of end-to-end encrypted messages sent on ProtonMail.

Furthermore, zero-access encryption is a way of protecting data at rest — that is, while the information is sitting in storage on the cloud. With this type of encryption, even if hackers were to breach the provider’s servers and steal your files, they would not be able to decrypt the data. Zero-access encryption ensures that only you, the data owner, have the technical ability to read your data.

All data orders are also checked by our internal abuse and legal team. In the event that we have questions about the legality of an order under Swiss law, ProtonMail will always request further clarification from Swiss authorities. If doubts persist and the order appears not to be compliant with legal requirements, ProtonMail will contest it to the extent permitted by law
my thoughts on this subject... it's going to be silly, but I mean "safe but not"... the information it collects is actually pretty good. Using protonmail in daily life would be a very logical choice, but if you are doing something illegal, it is not logical to use a trackable service (I don't know how they are messaging, please tell me, I would appreciate it :') ) So this is not a big problem for me, I will continue to use it, but if you know a service as safe as proton, tell us and we will use it.
thank you if you read, if i wrote something wrong, please don't make fun of me, tell the true , cite the source

I dont believe this without proof
You realize your email is no longer encrypted once it leaves Protonmail system right? So if you send an email from PM to Gmail, on receiving end it's no longer encrypted.
As for safety and privacy, you can see how little info they could provide even when pressed by Swiss court (e.g. recent story about the guy threatening Fauci).
I would never trust any email provider, period.
Major of my accounts over PM. What do you people suggest to do?
(August 09, 2021 at 01:42 AM)FBI Wrote: I want to inform everyone that uses the service ProtonMail that, yes indeed they report to agencies if they see something they do not like or seems illegal. They read your emails and see whom you send emails to. They report to FBI, as one of my domains I used, that was linked to them, was taken by the FBI themselves, yes indeed snatched by my own people, luckily I used Njalla and they are quite trustworthy and don’t provide any info to any agency, therefore I am still under the radar.

All in all, just be careful from that service and other services whom are similar.

just sent this to The Anti Israel Ass thank you
just use multiple services and spread out what you use them for, dumb if you just use one gets compromised and your fucked

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