[RESOLVED] Scam report against master data $250
by N-Wordguy - August 29, 2021 at 05:31 PM
I See no point in arguing with you as you are unwilling to accept that you have made a mistake and that you are being childish.

I hope you get yourself banned for life and your ip leaked by an admin.
(August 30, 2021 at 04:00 PM)Minori Wrote: I See no point in arguing with you as you are unwilling to accept that you have made a mistake and that you are being childish.

I hope you get yourself banned for life and your ip leaked by an admin.

Mistakes are made unconsciously.
This is not a mistake, it is a behavior that I knowingly and willingly do and that I do not regret doing.

After 1 year, it is a clear warning to all people who say that the data is garbage and who act as a chameleon to get new data. fuck it.. i don't forgive. Smile

Those who do not have commercial law with me, will you humiliate me? Smile I say fuck before I fuck.

you can keep hoping. don't lose hope Smile if you trade with me one day you have the right to publish a report. your contribution to the forum 4 topics

we talked a lot, why doesn't the son of a bitch who claims to be defrauded talk Smile @N-Wordguy talk, let's hear your voice. Come to talk about tingis db Smile Do you have enough money or mind to buy it Smile You can say you didn't want to buy it. then I have to move the topic to /Forum-Not-Safe-For-Work Smile
This is hilarious.

Let me make a few things clear

1. i dont have the energy and time to put effort in fake accounts this is the ONLY account I use here and I dont want to waste any more time on this master clown, just for the sake of clearing this up I post once more.

2. The bottomline of this report is that he broke a rule. -> Advertising a base as private (but its not its been leaked and shared wide among the net) -> selling it under conditions that it is private -> after a disagreement on another deal that failed, publicly exposing the base you was supposed to keep private. But because you are the childish retard that you are, you could not handle a disagreement and a refusal of a deal and exposed the merch.

3. This Master Dicksucker definitely have bad intentions/means from the begining and the proof of that is the thread where he exposed the base had been made. Along with post bad language flooding and - repping.

My satement has been crystal clear from the begining and no further response is needed.

oh and masterdata, your bases are similar to the cunt of your sorry ass mother.
Nobody wants to pay for it cause its leaked and everybody had it already.

Now everybody stfu and let staff handle it
[Image: iranianmotherfucker.png]

OMFG this person is clearly retarded as fuck. Can't wait, which curse words is he gonna use now. xD
do not cheat..
Why did you wait 1 year for 1 garbage data?
2 Did you write me a black picture profile from telegram orjianal account to get Tigris data? I told him where to put the liar's mother. If you don't want Adolescents watching your mother's videos, you will tell the truth or else ... 🤤🤤😜 You will have many brothers whose father is unknown in the fantasy world Smile
3 Why did you wait for 5 days when you were preparing the report saying that if the data is garbage, it will be made public? Or is garbage not garbage? Well, can't that prove an assessment? Is that why data is meeting the public? If you pull the gun, you shoot... or they'll stick that gun up your ass. They call it the right of self-defense. If you ate hot pepper yesterday, your ass will burn today Smile

You wrote that you bought 4 private data for 5000 usd, where is 4750 usd? (95x) 250 dollars is the budget required for a condom.. so you cheated me by purchasing the 5000 usd product for 250usd from me, is it true? you just opened a fake fraud report. As a swindler - you rapped. The person who should be thrown here is clear Smile

5 do you want data or money from me? I will pay you the day you have incest with your mother. I have 5 fingers, the middle one belongs to you Smile

@colosib if you don't like what's written, you won't read it. In short, go fuck your mother.
[Image: Screenshot.png]

[Image: Screenshot.png]

[Image: Screenshot.png]

[Image: Screenshot.png]

[Image: Screenshot.png]

[Image: Screenshot.png]

lol, man you're killing it right now, never saw something like this.
how is he not banned yet? staff fix it
(August 30, 2021 at 10:31 PM)Espeon Wrote: how is he not banned yet? staff fix it

🖕 When will you pay 4750 usd. ? If you pay this amount, I can go. I hope you have that much money. Smile if not, I know a nice word. I can say for you.
"If a young man has no money, he has a piggy bank"
I'll break your piggy bank Smile You'll get a blurry shit for a maximum of 2 months Smile
(August 30, 2021 at 03:09 PM)master data Wrote:
(August 30, 2021 at 02:59 PM)krebs Wrote:
(August 30, 2021 at 10:33 AM)master data Wrote: [quote="PieWithNothing" pid='4301096' dateline='1630279097']
[quote="N-Wordguy" pid='4300542' dateline='1630268436']
You can totally tell this guy is a master moron.
Make public whatever you want nobody cares.

You made a deal to keep sold base private and you broke it period.

And as soon as i did not want to buy your other trash bases and refused you let
you mouth run wild flooding my posts and - repping like the little child you are.

This is my final response I let the rest to the admins
he is under protection, don't waste your time, he will never be banned here



here's another idiot for you Smile


be at least as smart as @Sosolapute copy the text sent with the message, then delete it.

https://prnt.sc/1qrbtfb I can not send message. I'm glad if you share.

Quote:The data is private between the receiver and me. If a customer says private data to me, he will pay more and the ad will be deleted.
if the customer claiming to be defrauded buys the data which is made public (LuckyMillions BELGIUM). then it comes back. requires different data. he does not like the price, he wants it to be cheap and special for him. He also offers money for cigarettes. then on the forum it says 5000 dollars budget. If he realizes that he cannot buy data from the seller (from me), deletes telegram conversations and says under the ad that these data are public. (which is what happens), that data belongs to the public.

Usually, such smart people cry when they lose what they have. If I am selling personal data, I will remove that data from publication. My advice to this idiot crying because I was scammed for the data I removed 3-4 months ago voluntarily. data expired a few hours ago.
If you want I'll make my archive of all Belgium Netherlands America Vs Vs public. Let your non-forum customers have free data. Smile
  Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin

yes, where is your 4750 dollars? Who will I collect the payment from? Smile

Nod your head.. dickhead.. Don't let them know you're stupid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmctqUnzUVw  🖕

What the fuck are you typing?
I can't even understand your stupid english.
Get the fuck out of raidforums if you are using google translate to translate from paki lang to english
can i put a blurry shit in your mouth for hour straight
sorry for your loss OP. hope you get refunded soon
He is a scammer selling public data i hope he gets banned

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