by moot - May 14, 2020 at 01:18 AM
I received news from a credible source that while @ORTHORON was going to get some Donuts and Coffee, he slipped and fell on some ice and has sadly passed away on or around May 12th, 2020.

Please reply to this thread with a kind word about Orthoron, who we will forever miss.
This shit is fake asf son, just reply with nice words Kappa he’ll be back in some days
I love ORTHORON. This is very saddening news. Though I'm kinda pissed I'm not in his will, I know he was kinda broke so it doesn't really bother me.
Rip. Didn’t know him but he sure seemed like a true MVP
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i busted my cheese over this.
This is very upsetting, long live the king Orthoron!
orthoron always bullied me, abused his discord power on me, encouraged gangrep on me, and is also a liar
i am saddened by the fact this news is not true
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Orthoron was always a friend of mine. Sad to hear this news. We both knew that kilob was a retard just like instinct.
If only I knew the guy could I give some great message. Rip brudha.
No idea who he was but looking at his posts and judging from the reaction by people here, he'll be missed. RIP.
Never knew the guy but I hope his soul will find eternal joy in heaven.

RIP ORTHORON feelsbadman.

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