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by RSocks - March 13, 2019 at 11:53 AM
Greetings to all the forum's members

We want to tell you that today we're releasing a new version of our RSocks Proxy Checker!

For those who do not know, this is our free software for checking and filtering proxy servers, that can work with any proxies out there.

The proxy checker of the latest version 2.1.0 has some new features, for example: proxy upload speed checking, "do not include" operation, proxy list refreshing button on the main window and other nice improvements.
For our new customers a "How to use the Proxy Checker by RSocks" video was made. The link on the menu.

[Image: Ro1Sgfo.png]

You can find the list of "what's new" or download the checker here.
You can also read an article about this application on our Blog.

Talk to our customer support team, if there are any suggestions or bug report. We really appreciate all kind of feedback, so you're always welcome Smile

Jabber: [email protected]
Telegram: @RSocks
ICQ: 560335
Hello dear friends!

It's always hard to choose the right proxy to work with, isn't it? Because of you RSocks never stop to develop its packages, so here comes World mix Pro! World mix Pro is an interim solution for those who need something in between regular World mix and Exclusive mix.
Wow, now there are 40 different plans with this one!

[Image: 75d75uW.png]

Main features:
  • Number of proxies online: 10 000
  • Updating: 20% every 2 hours
  • Threads: Up to 1000 (default 500)
  • We charge: $10/hour, $30/day, $150/week, $600/month and $3000 for the whole six months
Don't pass by if you think you're a real pro!

Take the new package on trial to make sure of it right away and completely for free
(September 11, 2019 at 11:49 AM)Halfskull Wrote: Whats unique about your company?
We provide HQ proxies for any purposes. You can get free test of them firstly. Also we have refund ability and 24/7 support. You can read about our services here:

[Image: gIQfhQc.png]

Hello everyone!
Didn't have time to follow the news? Here is our news digest!
We're going to cover only the most important stuff!

Is this the first time you've heard of RSocks? You're welcome! We recommend starting with this news. If it's not your first day with us, then rather move on to the next one Wink

[Image: vSPg8GI.png]

RSocks provides their users with a huge range of services, constantly expanding it so that you can choose the most suitable one and perform your work getting the best results.

Now we offer our customers more than 40 types of different plans. We define 3 main types of package proxies for easier navigating among them. Learn more about them and take a free trial here

Those who already rated our Rotating plans will be very pleased with the following news! And those who didn't will get their free trial anyway.

[Image: 0c9Slns.png]

Exclusive Rotating packages USA and UK include the best working online proxies at refresh rate of 100% every 5 minutes. The packages support HTTP(S) and SOCKS 4/4a/5 protocols. Price go from just $30 a day!
You may wondering whether you should buy proxy immediately or take a trial?

Or even start with regular Rotating proxies? Moreover, we increased the number of proxies of Rotating USA and now it's 100 unique proxies refreshing for 100% every 5 minutes! Plans are available for purchase in your account:
Rotating USA 50 from $5
Rotating USA 100 from $10

We keep listen to your wishes and develop the service together with you. Shortly we will announce the main news of this fall! Drop by more often on our website, because soon there will be even more tempting content!

We also remind you that not so long ago we released a new version of World mix PRO package with new countries, more frequent refreshing and it allows you to create even more threads. It has already become one of the most desirable packages on RSocks. We mean it.
You can test it and buy it right now!

[Image: wSsjOZ6.png]

Although there is no a lot of news this time, as we promised to tell you briefly and only about most important stuff, we prepared a big surprise for you! You've got to the end of this article and you earn a discount!

[Image: jieYKNC.png]

Have you dreamed of having fun with Exclusive mixes? Then your dreams come true. Right now you can buy weekly and monthly plans at a 20% discount! Uncontested offer! Packages are already purchasable at the discount on our website. If you haven't added it to your favorites yet, here is the link

[Image: gDFGFJO.png]
The service is pretty amazing. They have a huge amount of US residential IP addresses and their Exclusive Mix package provided me with quality IP addresses from countries I never found in a VPN, like some minor Africa countries, very useful. Will be testing more of their available services soon.
I approve, good quality service, price seems fair as well.
(October 06, 2019 at 07:09 PM)van2019 Wrote: The service is pretty amazing. They have a huge amount of US residential IP addresses and their Exclusive Mix package provided me with quality IP addresses from countries I never found in a VPN, like some minor Africa countries, very useful. Will be testing more of their available services soon.

(October 09, 2019 at 06:57 PM)cgillin Wrote: I approve, good quality service, price seems fair as well.

Thank you for feedback!

Hi, buddies!

We are prepared for Halloween. And what about you, dear customers? You have 10 days to prove yourself and get a secret promo code for Halloween. Perhaps it will be money to your account, or maybe your favorite monthly package for free!

[Image: K8IbTT4.png]

From today until October 25, you have an opportunity to purchase any PRO package at a 15% discount, and on October 26, the most passionate customers will receive a generous gift from RSocks.

Be prepared. During Halloween, our team will run another promotion for its loyal customers.

We wish you good luck and have a great day!

Have any questions? Support team will guide and help you out 24/7:
Jabber: [email protected]
Telegram: @RSocks
ICQ: 560335
Here come Shareable Personal Proxy!

Guys! We did what you longed for!
We received a lot of questions about when we would create private proxies that still can be shared among friends a colleagues.
And here they are! And most importantly, we have best deals anywhere! You can even buy a proxy for just one week and it will cost you only $0.15!.

What countries are available?
Right now you can choose following countries: Russia, USA, Germany, Netherlands and the UK.

We charge:
  • 1 week - $0.15
  • 1 month - $0.30
One price for all countries!

[Image: Gw5QdPE.png]

Buying a shareable proxy, you can specify the purpose of using to isolate your tasks from other users.
One proxy can be shared with up to three users.

By the way, in the near future we will release Personal Residential Proxy! So stay tuned!

If you have any questions, please contact us! We work 24/7.
Jabber: [email protected]
Telegram: rsocks
ICQ: 560335
Discord: RSocks#3550
[Image: fYjzfOB.png]

Don't miss the New Year sale of proxy and VPN!

Santa has prepare nice presents for anonymity-fanciers. We cut 20% off everything and credit 120% funds to your account, if you send over $200. If for some reason you haven't purchased lifetime VPN subscription yet, it's time to do it now! Lifetime for mere $190. Period.

Don't postpone this event. It will last only until December 31th. RSocks
Jabber: [email protected]
Telegram: rsocks
ICQ: 560335
Discord: RSocks#3550
Happy New Year, dear friends!

RSocks wishes happy holidays to all supporters of the safer and anonymous Internet! This year was an exciting and eventful one. We were in constant preparations of new offers. And we wish good luck and success to your projects in the upcoming year. We're planning to surprise you with new proxy plans in the next year. Let's celebrate the New Year!

Oh, and don't forget about presents, because the sale is only until the end of this year and the time is running out!

[Image: 1GJS1zk.jpg?1]
i like this service
Price for joke for that kinda amount of proxy.
I liked working with the service. Quality and timely updating; good work; I like

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