Raid! Show 'em raids will never stop.
by Lellellel - November 24, 2018 at 01:19 PM
Shoutout to all the cool guys (and girls maybe) out there who raided this place before.

Got so hot the mods removed the owner's permalink invite from all her YouTube videos.
Nice job. 

Well, a few weeks later and they made a new link. Looks like they think the raids have finally stopped. 

Show them they haven't stopped and won't ever stop.

'at everyone' disabled and Mee6 bot won't allow posting of images in the general channel at first. Pretty strict mods watching chat a lot. Very lame server. No fun allowed except cringe rp and attention whores.

Server of a YouTuber who makes shitty nightcore videos, dipshit mods, lots of thirsty teens, and plenty of pedos in there picking them up and mods don't give a fuck.

Hope you can give these fuckers hell.
Heya Lellellel, u ok?

Signed; your favorite admin

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