RaidForums v3 Revamp
by Omnipotent - June 10, 2019 at 05:06 PM
By the way user stars have been removed as we design new ones and most of user banners too we just kept some of the old ones on temporarily while we work on new ones.

Thanks to all who reported bugs they will be fixed later during the day.
It looks different. Too different.
Also too much weeb shit

Database thing is nice tho 10/10
"the old layout was cluttered and unusable on mobile devices and so our main priority with this new version is to give mobile users an improved experience when utilizing our website"

Shoutbox still succs on ipad my dood fix or riot

nice bro the website looks fresh now Smile
Looks pretty fucking clean already. just bugs and shit now that needs to be fixed.
Hey, I hate this website. Please delete

EDIT: 4 Years of Service, W
this is so fucking coolll
looks refined and dark theme is retained. Good one, thanks omni and guys.
Anime girls chest is too big :( Where is the loli mascot?
(June 10, 2019 at 05:06 PM)Omnipotent Wrote:
[Image: mascot.png]

Thank you to everyone for waiting so patiently for this new update as it was long overdue, the old layout was cluttered and unusable on mobile devices and so our main priority with this new version is to give mobile users an improved experience when utilizing our website along with adding requested functionalities such as ability to view what posts you have unlocked, who unlocked your posts and account credits purchase logs. Our second priority was to give desktop users a fresh and improved experience too not only by reducing load times but by making the website layout less cluttered and usable for any monitor size. We also worked on fixing how made the website much lighter allowing you to stop constant post updates and hide the massive online user lists.

There are more updates to come such as a custom likes system, custom emojis, user banners and stars so please don't think we are done yet! Although these will most likely be added within the next few weeks as we are taking a break from developing and instead focusing on fixing any bugs brought to our attention.

Detailed Updates ListSpoiler
+ RaidForums v3 Revamp, this is our theme/global section.
  • We have added image modals to posts and signatures, this allows you to click on the image to view a larger version of it safely, you can click to open original at the top of this modal.
  • A new effect called blur has been added that blurs your text and unblurs it upon a user clicking it. Example of Blur in action.
  • The stylizer has been updated with an option to hide our image logo and replace it with a text version.
  • An adjustable width slider has been added to the stylizer if you don't like the default width.
  • Thread's star ratings have been removed and will later be replaced with a custom likes system.
  • The style templates for upgrades have been changed and some useless benefits have been reworked or removed and some extra information on current benefits.
  • Our ban list now has a coloured shading depending on how soon a ban is ending or if it's a permanent one.
  • Users who have been banned continue to have their signatures changed with their ban reasons and dates but the underlying code has been improved.
  • We now have 2 default avatars and depending on if your UID is an even number or not it will display a different default avatar for those lazy users who can't upload an avatar.
  • An extras page has been added with some useful links, primarily aimed at users with noscript but if you're using noscript on our site then I doubt you're reading this.
  • We have reinforced captchas on logins and for new users on posting e.t.c to enhance security and spam protection.
  • Alerts, credits and private messages have been clearly added to the navigation bar for ease of access although this might take some getting used to.
  • Icons have now been added to every forum and category to increase aesthetics.
  • Icon animations have been added on Index to forums with unread posts or threads to grab your attention.
  • Private messages no longer contains user panel settings in the same page and has now been completely separated.
  • New restrictions on usernames, no special characters other than dashes and 1 space, keep these in mind when changing usernames.
  • Upgraded users can now change their username freely if they are VIP and MVP, previously these users had to request admins to change usernames as only god rank had this permission due to them having unlimited changes.
  • Postbits now show how many years you have been a part of our website for example "1 Year of Service", "2 Years of Service" and so on.
  • Dependant on your reputation the usercp navigation dropdown will show you a red or green reputation count background.
  • When you have new messages or alerts the icon backgrounds in the navbar will change to warn you.
  • Shoutbox previous image icons have been switched to non image counterparts to reduce load.
+ Who's Online Index Listing used to be a burden on older browsers and just showered users with a massive list.
  • Now you will only see the users active within the last 60 minutes unless you click to show users active within the last 24 hours.
  • Staff members will now show on top of normal users so if you need to contact a staff member it's easier for you.
  • This list is no longer real time, it is updated every minute or two so if you just logged in you might not be on it yet.
  • Clicking on the Who's Online icon will take you to a dedicated real-time updated list of all users.
+ Latest Posts on Index have also been reworked to allow for new functionalities.
  • You can now see a larger portion of the thread titles.
  • Latest posts now stop refreshing after a while to save you bandwidth and cpu usage. You will be shown an alert near latest posts telling you if there is new posts and you can then decide to keep updating the list.
  • Upon clicking near a post it will show you more information about that post such as the forum it was posted in and view count.
+ Social Sites have been reworked, updating the websites allowed and placements across the website such as in profile and postbit.
  • We have removed MySpace and Google+ from the social sites.
  • Spotify, Github and others have been added so you can now list your accounts. (If you have more ideas leave them below.)
  • We no longer use images to display these websites which increases page speed performance and bandwidth usage.
+ We have re-coded the hidden content plugin from scratch to allow for higher security and speed when utilizing this feature along with some new functionalities.
  • We have added a button to our editor so you can easily insert hidden content into your posts.
  • Upgraded users now are able to see reply to view content, this means the posts you need to reply to in order to view content are now always visible to upgraded users. (Note that paid content is still as normal).
  • You are now able to see how many users have unlocked someone's thread as we have added an icon in the top right that upon hover will reveal the user count.
  • Titles now are set by doing [hide=text] instead of the old [hide title="text"] this should be easier for new members although they can just use the button we included on editors.
  • On the credits page we have added a log where you are able to see who has unlocked your content and see what content you have unlocked.
  • All bugs that were allowing hidden content to be shown without payment have been fixed.
+ The credits system also is taking a big hit, there will be more updates in the near future though.
  • We have introduced a new homepage to the credits system that includes frequently asked questions and an easier place to purchase credits.
  • As stated above on hidden content, purchase logs and such have been added to the credits system.
  • The claims system is the same but we have placed a convenient button to claim credits near your purchase logs.
  • Credit counts are no longer public, only you and staff can see your credit counts.
+ Added safe links, when you are heading off our website into unknown territory through a link or image you will see a friendly warning. (You can disable this on your user panel options.)
  • We have a whitelist of some trusted links so you might not see a warning heading out to certain websites such as
  • Your own links such as your profile's website field will be visible to you without the warning page.
  • This is also on image modals so as you're heading off the website to view the image you will be warned.
+ Postbit backgrounds have now been added for upgraded users to enjoy a little more customization to their accounts.
  • This new feature is available for upgraded users and shows behind their avatars.
  • Upon removing your avatar you can completely replace it with the postbit background for some interesting effects.
+ Awards have been changed to allow you to request them from moderators easily from the awards page.
  • You can now request your awards via the awards page by clicking request.
  • Old credit purchased items will be getting translated to awards soon.
+ User profiles have been revamped and some features were added to allow further user customization.
  • You can now insert a showcase youtube video to your profile, this is done via user panel profile settings.
  • We have added profile streams, this shows your latest activity to users viewing your profile which includes posts and threads.
  • A profile permalink was added. Users can change their usernames and therefore the normal link you see on your browser can change, therefore a permanent link copy option was added.
  • Hovering over a user's avatar will show you a small preview of their avatar.
  • Added a paged awards viewer, you can now view the user's awards and the dates that they were given those awards.
  • If a user has social sites listed they will now be shown at the top right of their profile for easy usage.
  • It will now show how many users you have referred to RaidForums on your profile if any, with the option to view exactly who you referred.
  • Changed the contact fields for profiles so now you can list your discord, telegram, icq and skype on your profile.
  • Username changes are now more visible on user's profiles.
+ Logo art, mascot and default profile pictures have been updated. (More coming soon...)
  • We hired an artist to work on making us a custom mascot and all that's left is to name her, leave your suggestions in the posts.
  • The logo now features our mascot laying on it comfortably. (You can hide her from the logo in the stylizer if you wish.)
  • We have replaced our old boring default avatars with 2 new interchangeable avatars of our mascot posing for lazy users who don't use avatars.

... All known bugs have been fixed but if you find any please report them, I won't include the bugs or exploits here as they might make other forums vulnerable.
We have updated our backend software for security and speed along with this change we have also modified the hashing algorithm we use from sha512_bcrypt to argon2id so if you're reading this you logout and login again to enhance your security although it is not necessary.

Test the new theme out and try the colours available to you on the stylizer at the top right of your page (if you're logged in).

Please leave us your feedback below on what we should improve or change and how you like this update.
Report bugs directly to me via private messages.

great job chief
Really cool!
Good job @Omnipotent Smile
Very moist update. I bless this revamp.
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